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Welcome to our dream come true. 

Since 1999 we have been dreaming of hosting weddings. Through hard work, frustrated waiting, a little faith and not a few tears, we first broke ground on what would eventually become our treasured garden in 2009. Named after a beloved family member, Garrison Gardens is sacred to our family, running in the bloodstream of who we are.


In 2010 Chuck and Karen, the founders of Garrison Gardens, held the first wedding on a spring afternoon. Simple but elegant, it was a shining experience that we have not stopped building on over the years. 

Weddings are our passion. Being part of such an amazing day, in so many lives, is more rewarding than we can put into words. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we actually get to do what we love for a living! Helping each couple with their individual needs, styles, and personalities has been such a joy. 

We would love to host your special day. Feel free to take a look around our site, and click the Contact Us tab to get in touch for any questions, tours, or bookings. 


Chuck & Karen Guilbert, Wesley & Ashley Saunders


"Helping each couple with their individual needs, style, and personalities has been such a joy!"

The Saunders


The Saunders, most recently of the Western Slopes of Colorado, now call Arkansas home. They are both musicians, church planters and have a side Tree Specialist business. They have previously live in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, and Florida but are happy to be back to their roots in Arkansas. 

Wesley Saunders

/Arborist, Horticulturist, Property Beautification Specialist/


Wesley is previously an ISA certified Tree Specialist with 20+ years experience in the green industry. Wesley tends the grounds, sets for events, does a periodic tour and is disposed to maintaining all manner of things for Garrison Gardens. He also elicits the occasional literature for the GG website, including family bios. 

Ashley Saunders

/Assistant Wedding Planner, Coordinator, Administrator/

Ashley is an all-around talent. Having an aesthetic eye, she holds deep joy for decorating, coordinating, organizing and, most importantly, relieving responsibilities from event initiators. Ashley routinely answers GG correspondence, aids in wedding coordination, and is present for any and all assistance with events. She would love to help you design the perfect wedding. 

Innis Saunders

Finally, Innis is our Adorability Consultant (AC) and Sole Proprietor of Way-Too-Much-Energy, Inc. You may see him conversing with the other local AC's, but he is rarely free as they have much more pressing issues. Namely, beating up the occasional bad guy or monster and, eliciting our local carpenter (Chuck) for yet another wooden knife or bo-staff, respectfully. 


"The venue was nothing short of magical. Waterfalls, creeks, tall trees and multiple seating areas for guests made this the perfect place for a wedding. The reception hall was perfect as well - plenty of seating for guests, dancing, a bar, and beautiful views of the outdoors at sunset. I highly recommend this spot for anyone wanting the perfect outdoor wedding in a romantic, intimate space.



"Amazing venue and awesome people. I'm so happy that we chose Garrison Gardens for our wedding. The venue speaks for itself, but Chuck and Karen went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day went smoothly and everything was in order. They took all of the work out of the whole process and made sure everything was lined out so that I didn't have to stress about anything. I highly recommend this venue!"


- Chelsé

"This is an AMAZING venue!!!! At dusk, it is picturesque with lighting throughout the trees. The grounds are perfectly manicured. The reception hall is cozy and charming, as well as functional. The owners are helpful and accommodating. Very happy for the opportunity to use this facility. It was a fairytale wedding!"

- Kristin

"If you're looking for a perfect wedding day that flows seamlessly and makes you feel like you're floating on clouds, this is your place. Chuck and Karen pour their hearts into not only the venue, but the brides and grooms who choose to begin their marriage here. My husband and I were already in love with the venue, but upon arriving the day of our wedding, we were blown away by it all over again. From setting up, to coordinating, to DJ-ing a party that never had a dull moment, our big day was better than we could have possibly dreamed. Thank y'all for treating our wedding party and guests like part of your family. 

- Daphne

"Chuck and Karen, Thank you so much for all your hard work to make our wedding a dream come true! The decorations were better than I could have ever imagined, and the music was perfect! The gift you gave us is more than we could have dreamed of. Thank you so much for what you do!"

-Charles & Kaitlyn

"Named the top wedding venue in Arkansas by!"

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